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All Season Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover - LINWEY - Best All Season Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

All Season Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover


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If you're not riding your motorcycle for an extended period of time, or storing it outside, take advantage of our waterproof motorcycle cover to keep it in good condition, protecting it from the elements. If you're looking for a motorcycle cover that will help protect your bike from dust, rain, sun and wind, prevent scratches and other damage, or simply keep it hidden and clean, check out the benefits our product offers:

  • Protects your bike outdoors. If you don't have room in your garage, you may have to park it outside. Our waterproof motorcycle cover will help protect your bike from the elements, including sun and rain.
  • Protect your bike indoors. Even if you have space inside your garage, it can be subject to dust, dirt and grime. Our product can provide this protection.
  • Material: Silver coated polyester fabric. This waterproof liner is essential if you get a lot of rain. A waterproof motorcycle cover offers better protection than a simply waterproof cover.
  • UV 50+ Protection: The sun can damage your bike as much as rain. Plus, direct sunlight can fade paint and finish. Our sunproof motorcycle cover will prevent harmful UV rays from causing damage.
  • Our waterproof motorcycle cover is full size and is designed to cover an entire motorcycle, from handlebars and mirrors to tires and wheels. It is designed to protect all major components of the machine, and is available in 6 different sizes.




Package included

1 x Motorcycle Rain Cover

1 x Cloth Bag