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Mini Portable Rechargeable Humidifier


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The mini portable humidifier is the perfect companion to relieve the discomfort of dry air and help you reduce skin flaking.
The mini portable humidifier adopts nano-spray technology that moisturizes your skin and effectively reduces dryness. It is not only a humidifier, but also a good decoration. Place it next to the bed, desk or living room to add color to your room.

Multi Use

Portable and small, it is perfect for the home, office, bedroom, travel, parties baby's room, travel, etc. 

  • Start Enjoying Aromatherapy in Car: This mini humidifier for car can clean the air, release more oxygen, let your surroundings give out sweet breath, and protect your leather products with more humidity, and make you feel energetic.
  • Office Use: No sound design, only produce less than 30 decibels of sound, very quiet, give you a perfect sleep. You can even use it for children and pets at home. Press the button for 1 sec and the light will turn on automatically.
  • Home Use: Personal care Diffuser: humidifier will produce ultra small water drops and a large amount of oxygen ions into the air around you, which can absorb and take away dust and unhealthy items around you, and purify the air to make you feel cheerful, clean and happy driving experience!



Silent Stealthy Function for Dreamy Nights

Designed with ultrasonic mist technology, the resulting sound is less than 30 dB, similar to the sound of fallen leaves, providing you with the perfect rest environment.

Rotating Air Humidifier

90° Rotation: The portable humidifier features an innovative 90° rotating stand that casually rotates to allow for humidification, light projection, or any angle you choose.



Safe To Use
The mini portable humidifier internal capacity is 260ml, and the humidifier can be continuously sprayed for 4 hours without causing excessive humidity in the air. After 4 hours or when the water is exhausted, the humidifier will automatically turn off to avoid dry burn, which is very safe.


  • Material: ABS, PP, silica gel
  • Input voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 2-4w
  • Current: 250mA-500mA
  • Water tank capacity: 260ml
  • Spraying amount: 50ml/h
  • Timing: 4h/8h
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Product size: 72x72x185MM
  • Product weight: 233g

Package Include:

1x Mini Portable Rechargeable Humidifier