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Folding Wall Mounted Shower Seat


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The Folding Wall Mounted Shower Seat are made from high quality Duroplast material that will not rust or corrode. They are designed to be durable, comfortable and can weigh up to 353 pounds. Created as a better option than large, bulky benches, stools, and seats that are unattractive and difficult to transport, our retractable shower seat is simple and space-saving yet luxurious.




Made from reinforced materials and permanently secured in place with the included sturdy frames, this shower seat offers unparalleled support and safety compared to shower stools; professionally installed, can support up to 353 pounds.


Stylish and Convenient 

Most portable bath chairs are not only unsightly, but they are also difficult to transfer in and out of the tub, especially for those with limited mobility or physical challenges. The classic, simple, minimalist white design with silver metal trim fits any modern bathroom decor and doesn't detract from the aesthetic.


Rounded corners for extra comfort

Meticulously designed with rounded corners, smooth surfaces and soft edges for comfortable seating and protection from injury in the event of accidental impact. The smooth surfaces also allow for quick and easy cleaning.


Perfect for small spaces

No need to move bulky seats in and out of the shower or bath, our seat is there when you need it.



Please note that all wall mounted shower seats are only as strong as the wall they are mounted to. Please take care to ensure your wall is suitable to hold the weight of the seat while in use.



  • Bracket material: aluminum alloy
  • Base material: ABS
  • Seat board size: 12.9"(L)*13.7"(W) / 328mm(L)*350mm(W)
  • Height: according to the user's height and usage habits, the recommended height range is 15"-20" (40cm-50cm)
  • Load: 350lbs (160kg)
  • Net weight: 6.0lbs (2.7kg)
  • Target users: It is mainly used by the elderly, pregnant women, children and people with limited mobility.



  1. Select the appropriate location
  2. Mark the hole
  3. Drill
  4. Drive the expansion bolt into the wall
  5. Screw in the screw and fix the base